Cecily Slade

“I seek to present something unique in floral painting. flowers which are joyful, colourful and generous to gladden the heart and the home. My backgrounds are more ethereal, a nuanced blend of organic forms and light suggesting a more spiritual place where thought and form intersect, a coming into being.”                                


  • Special Merit Award- Grace- Botanicals Light Space and Time Online Gallery
  • Special Merit Award- Luscious- Botanicals Light Space and Time Gallery
  • Finalist Milburn Prize Institute of Art 2017
  • Winner 2nd prize Australian Artist Magazine March Edition 2016
  • Finalist Lethbridge 10000 2016 (invitation only)
  • Invitation Solo Exhibition Lift Gallery Maleny March/April 2016
  • Highly Commended Kenilworth Art Show Workshop Participants
  • Finalist Australian Artist Magazine Still Life and Florals June 2015
  • 2015/16/17 Rotary Art Spectacular, Lions Extravaganza (invitation only)
  • Finalist in the Lethbridge 10000 Art Award (invitation only) 2014
  • 2014 First Prize Still Life and Florals Redcliffe Show

Art Education

As a child Cecily was quite a successful artist, winning  art competitions, selling paintings and having work commissioned by local organizations. She had a private art teacher and at 15 the Arts Council in Casino, where she lived sponsored her to a summer school at East Sydney Technical College.

Cecily graduated from High School with an art scholarship and a Commonwealth Scholarship.

Design Experience

At 18 I opened her own clothing design factory successfully selling some designs in the thousands contingently completing a BA in Behavioural Science.
Subsequently she worked in senior marketing positions in Sydney for 2 of Australia’s major food manufacturers. She left the corporate world behind in the early 80s moving to Montville on the Sunshine Coast, there Cecily opened her own clothing design shop which operated until 2000. At one point running 3 retail outlets for her own label "Cecily’s". Cecily is currently a yoga teacher and artist in Brisbane. She has written 2 books-one on business and one about yoga.

Current Artistic Practice
I returned to painting again in 2004. Since then I have experimented with many styles, done a number of workshops and developed my own techniques for depicting florals. Currently I paint almost every day perfecting and evolving my work. My work is precise and intensely observed.
It involves many layers of transparent oil paint, subtlety of tone and strong contrasts of light and shade. It does not seek to be ‘photo realism’ but in a sense more real in that my own creativity, judgment and artistic expression are at the fore. They convey emotion and feeling, and the
energy within the moment. They are an image that saturates the senses with bliss.

Artist’s Statement
Cecily Slade

Inspired by Amazing Grace

Flowers are an expression of our highest and deepest emotions, they mark the
ultimate experiences of our life as does this timeless hymn. They awaken us
spiritually lifting us towards enlightenment and renewal.
Peonies are the most complex and beautiful of floral forms, like a sublime dancer
the petals unfurl, fold and frill in delicious eddies of movement that can only be
described as an expression of Grace.
My work creates a stillness and meditative space for the viewer and for myself.
Gazing into a flower is like watching running water or gazing at a fire it has that
mesmerizing quality that draws us to the still point within ourselves. This too is
an expression of Grace.
My paintings are built from many layers of oil paint, each one adding luminosity
to the work. Strong contrasts, vibrant pure transparent colour, intense detail and
nuances of tone and light are a strong feature of my work

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